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Creative is only good if it drives the right type of prospects to take action and become long-lasting customers.  We work together to ensure that everything about the message is consistent with your desired company image and portrays the customer experience someone will receive from you.  Our mutual collaboration will make the campaign much more productive.

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Great Life Golf & Fitness

Television is a great way to reach a huge audience in your target geographies. By using demographic research and years of experience in ad placement purchasing Passantino Marketing can get you in front of valuable viewers who connect with your product or service.


Randy Curnow Automotive

Every single day valuable consumers hop in their car multiple times to head to different destinations. What better way to reach them than with a creative and targeted radio campaign.


Sunflower Dermatology

Campaigns designed to reach specific consumers through newsletters, flyers, and additional creative material are a great way to connect with people are searching for your products or services.

Direct Mail

Consultants in Gastroenterology

Direct mail can have a huge impact with your target consumer demographic.

Social Media

Parkway Hotel

Social Media sites like Facebook are becoming the fastest and most direct way for businesses to interact with their customers.


Bud Brown Volkswagen

Tens of thousands of opportunities to be seen with a beautiful graphic display by your customers each day on their commute to work or home for the evening.


American Micro

Sometimes having the right message is the critical component to your success. 
Clear and concise branding can help you say just what you customer wants to hear.


Jennifer Jo Cobb Racing

Who doesn’t love sports? We have vast experience in getting your company positioned with the right sports organization to help you reach your customers.


Sunflower Dermatology

Coordinating and executing events to help you connect with your community can be a great way to build your reputation and reach new customers. 

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