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Most small to mid-size businesses need the expertise of a sophisticated Director of Sales and Director of Marketing.  Limited budgets or the fact that there is not 40 hours of work each week needed mean the responsibility falls to the owner who doesn’t have the time or desire to fill those roles.  The result is under-performing sales and marketing.

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What We Offer

The solution you may have not known existed.  A fractional or part time VP of Sales and Marketing.

What does that even mean?  

A fractional V.P. of Sales & Marketing is an outsourced part-time person that gives small and mid-sized business the expertise of a seasoned sales and marketing executive without the full-time payroll cost of two separate people.

What type of companies are a good fit for this service?

  1.  Companies with a sales staff of under ten people and a marketing budget under $2M.
  2. A business where the owner is also serving as the V.P. of Sales & Marketing and he or she has too many other responsibilities and the sales force is not receiving what they need to be successful.
  3. The owner of a company wants to increase sales at higher rate and is stuck in their current sales model.
  4. Companies where there is not clear agreement of the Key Performance Indicators for each individual salesperson.  Different people have different sales cookbooks that have yet to be identified, tracked and managed.
  5. The company would like to add salespeople and grow the sales department but doesn’t have a proven track record of recruiting people the right way and then managing them to success.
  6. There is not a clear plan or goals for marketing and the current methods are not being measured.

What does the company get?

  1.  Sales staff evaluation.  Early in the process we will start analyzing the sales team for strengths and weaknesses so we can determine individual needs.
  2. Sales process evaluation.  Make sure the current sales process is the best it can be for customers and team members and if not enact improvements.
  3. Monthly progress reports- Monthly management reports that show individual and team progress against all major sales key performance indicators.  Examples include new dollars sold, prospecting behaviors like emails/phone calls/in person sales presentations, pipeline tracking and budget performance.
  4. Weekly one on one meetings with salespeople to review and preview activities compared to the individual sales plans.
  5. Weekly group sales meeting to coach and update the sales team on initiatives.
  6. Weekly sales ride-alongs with salespeople to observe and coach to the ideal behavior.
  7. Participate in executive company meetings to suggest improvements in sales and marketing strategies.
  8. Set measurable goals for company marketing metrics and track progress.

Benefits of having a fractional V.P. of Sales & Marketing

  1.  Frees-up time for the business owner to be strategic on the business.
  2. Reduces the salesperson failure rate and lost new business opportunities from the wrong salespeople being on the team.
  3. Increased revenue from better people and sales systems.
  4. Having less dependence on one or two key producers reduces the loss revenue risk to competitors and builds company value at time of sale.
  5. Increased lead flow produces more larger and more profitable business relationships.
  6. Sends a message to the employees that sales and marketing growth is a top priority.
  7. Marketing goals will be identified and progress will be measured.
  8. In businesses where the owner’s relationships are a high percentage of total revenue the new increased sales staff revenue makes the company worth more at time of sale.

How does it work?

  1.  An  agreement is executed with Passantino Marketing for a certain number of  hours per month of sales consulting with a Passantino Marketing team member serving as a Fractional Vice President of Sales & Marketing.
  2. We meet monthly with the business owner to review and preview sales and marketing performance.
  3. We are available via text, email and phone during the work week to respond to questions and issues or opportunities that may arise.
  4. Ideally at least 50% of the monthly hours would be spent with the sales team members in the field or working one-on-one with the company business developers.
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