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Passantino Marketing is a marketing agency and sales consulting firm that creates and executes plans that drive new business.   Let’s upgrade your marketing and sales today.

What we do

We work with you to address your most pressing sales and marketing gaps and to help you grow you business the right way

Traditional Media

There is a reason that the largest companies in the U.S. advertise in traditional media.  They know the average American still spends over 4 hours per day watching TV.

Website Design

We use the most cutting edge software and dynamic design methods to build advanced local business websites that help you generate more revenue.

Digital Marketing

Having digital assets is only half the battle. Creating, deploying, and managing digital marketing campaigns is how we help our clients build valuable traffic.

Fractional Support

Your business needs the expertise and presence of a Director of Sales or Director of Marketing. We can help you maximize your budget with weekly assistance without the full-time cost. 


Consulting Service

Locally-owned companies sometimes need a new set of outside eyes on company challenges. We can help you explore options to expand your goals and hit them.  Let’s talk.


Creative Design

Your brand and your messaging should look and feel the same across all platforms, we craft beautiful creative campaigns that drive new customers to your business. 

Our Skills

We have been around long enough to know the answer to your growth isn’t just one thing.

  • Media Strategy and Research
  • Content and Media Development
  • Website Design and Deployment
  • Search Engine Optimization, SEO
  • Social Media Impact Marketing
  • TV, Radio, and Billboard Advertising
  • Fractional Sales and Marketing Management

Full Service Agency

Whether you choose a new Website, SEO, SEM, Social Media Management, TV, Radio, Print, Local Sponsorships or a Sports Sponsorship we provide a full range of marketing solutions.

Passantino Marketing is based in the Kansas City area and is a “Boutique Marketing” firm.  Boutique firms are known for personalized service and quick responses from well-rounded experienced marketing people.  This business offering is a perfect fit for small and mid-sized businesses based in the Kansas City area. Our team members are trained to consider a variety of marketing tactics for generating qualified leads while increasing brand awareness. This methodology prevents our clients from being pigeon-holed into niche marketing tactics that may limit success.


Most local small and mid-sized business owners think that their only choices are to choose a large firm where they are considered a small client or deal with several vendors directly.  In the large agency business model we find that the small and mid-size clients don’t always get the firm’s best talent. In the direct vendor option they spend too much time dealing with marketing sales reps and their campaigns are not always executed in a cohesive manner. In this case, the business owner is spending too much time on marketing and not always making the best decisions.

Since we work directly for the client we represent clients with no bias as to where the marketing budget is best spent.  Specialized marketing firms or marketing sales reps always recommend the product that they represent.  In the Boutique model small and mid-size business owners trust that this lack of bias will serve them best.  It is much like their a law firm or accounting firm, putting the company’s interest first.

This process also allows for the campaigns to be produced faster and with lower administrative expenses.  Our team members are on-demand local independent contractors that don’t require expensive real estate for an office and employee benefits.  We pass those savings on to our clients every day. If you are the Chief Marketing Officer of a Fortune 500 company we are not a fit. If your company is a local business or middle market sized business in the Kansas City area that needs marketing support, chances are we can help!

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