Our friends who own local businesses often tell us they don’t think they need a modern mobile-friendly website. We hear comments like “we’re business to business and our customers already know who we are.” Or “We don’t really get business from the internet.”
Well… Ok but here are few things to consider:
1. Google and the other search engines are now writing their algorithms to punish non-mobile-friendly websites. That means if your prospects and customers put in search terms relevant to your business you will not likely appear on page one. And not very many people ever go to page two…. Or page 15 where you might be.
2. People are becoming technology snobs on their mobile devices. If your customers or prospects are forced to enlarge your website with their fingers they are going to get frustrated with your business. They also are going to start to think you are old fashioned and out of touch with the latest trends. That’s bad customer service and even worse brand imaging.
3. A mobile website will move you up in the search rankings and along with a solid digital
marketing strategy that includes Search Engine Optimization and monthly website maintenance you will move higher in the search rankings. That will expose you to more new prospects that can become new customers. Now you will at least be considered in their buying process.
4. And to that “we don’t really get business from the internet” comment. No wonder with a
website that looks like that. The first step in getting better is admitting you have a problem. If your website is not mobile-friendly you have a problem.